My New Life...............
I officially started University a week ago , a milestone in one's life, that some might find extremely overwhelming and a little bit intimidating. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't part of that some, but I didn't think I was a part of it until I actually got here.

Several months prior to my arrival I was so excited to be starting something entirely new; away from home, more independence (then I already have), new surroundings, new people, new friends, professors, back into the learning atmosphere (which I had been out of for 2 years, I graduated from high school in 2007), being surrounded by more young adults (like myself) with the same quench for knowledge as I have, among other things that made me anticipate the approaching school year.

I was looking forward to attending classes and maximizing my capacity to learn. I know a prelude to the following 8 months and 4 years of my life can not be determined by the very first week of my post-secondary career and that I should give it time, and am expecting doing just that as well, with tutorials starting next week and everyone settling into their finalized classrooms for the year, progress is impending, and an improvement in my status quo is binding, but; hey I'm allowed, as a human to analyze what is going on in my life right now and make judgements based on what has occured thus far. So far, I'm not exactly loving it, and am finding it just "alright". I miss my home, my family, my friends and being around mature people, most of the students I have met aren't yet on my maturity level (not meaning to sound conceded) I don't know if anyone can relate and knows how it is, and I certainly mean no offense to anyone I've met, because everyone is great I just miss relating to people my own age that can fully understand me is all, I miss familiar places with minimal chance for me to get lost, and if I were in fact to get lost, I miss being able to call someone without being charged long-distance fees to my cell phone, I miss getting adequate sleep....... I know thats something I can long forget about receiving here. (Today, I just got told by a "friend" that I look tired....... another sign of immaturity because obviously he still has to learn that no-one, especially females like to hear that, its an insult to their appearance. PERIOD!)

Now with all the above things aside, my lectures are extremely interesting, and the professors are A-MAZING, to say the least, they are professionals and know precisely what they are doing......... I know high school has probably changed slightly since I've attended it, and can not even begin to be compared to University (University far surpasses it), but I sincerely wish I had as intelligent teachers back then, that knew how to teach, as I do now with my professors!!!! Different levels of education considered, still no exceptions on how poor some of the teachers I had in high school were!

Still Adjusting, going to take some time, but am slowly and surely going to accustomize myself to a solid routine that will work for me.

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    I am a first time blogger. Never been introduced to blogs before, never really been interested, not until I was formally introduced in my Communication Studies class. I think they are incredible, totally fun, and an excellent way to express yourself!!! Being creative doesn't even begin to explain the individuality and uniqueness of one's personal blog.

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