So tired, so run-down......
Its only the middle of my second week of classes (including tutorials) and already I am beyond exhausted....... my eyes were aching all day yesterday, God knows why.... even I know why. I ended up pulling an all nighter (the night before) with a friend on my floor. Something I never do because I am, in no other circumstances other then absolutely needing to stay up to work on school related material, a relatively early sleeper, with respect to my first year of University... knowing that my regular sleeping habits will have to be compromised, I am still totally unpleased at that fact.

All nighters as most of you know already, are known for last minute cramming for tests or exams, but this one was unique in its own way, because we ended up talking the entire night, getting to know one another. It was awesome, despite the fact that I hadn't really slept for a full 24 hrs, well into the day ahead. It was reasonable I think, because its early enough into the year that we didn't have too much work to do (recognizing that staying on top of course works is essential for success here) and given that it will not be an every night occurrence, but done only when necessary, is my simple justification for why I did that! =)

It was kinda funny, because we both had 8:30 classes in the morning, in the same building.

Our night wasn't even planned, it just happened! She came to my room, since she was having room-mate problems and wanted to study, and while I was reading and her, making notes, we veered off our school work, and began conversation. I was hoping to go to sleep early, fully aware of my morning tutorial.

Tonight I tried viewing that "Media and Democracy " video on youtube for my Communication Studies (CMST) class, and I was a little bit intrigued, but once I got into viewing the video, I lost my concentration, thinking I could muti-task, and sadly mistaken, because it was information that not only didn't interest me, but information that I wasn't familiar enough with to actually understand, so I'm skipping that one for the time being, and will engage and participate in another "article" at a later date.......... on a somewhat related topic. I must say that I love the simplicity of reading the txt for this course, easily comprehendible.

I've got to get off blogger and continue with my note-taking and reading that is increasingly piling up!!!
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