There's you and then there's me. I see you everywhere around campus, makes me really think if its coincidence or not. I could swear you notice me too, but I have yet to find out!!!

Today was the day of all days that made me want to walk up to you, sit down in front of you and start talking to you. I was walking to Kenneth Taylor Hall this afternoon, as I was getting ready to attend my Communications tutorial. I had gone to the Student Centre and grabbed some veggies before hand. I was starving after my first lecture. But as I opened the door to enter KTH, I dropped it all, as you watched me. Embarrassed and oblivious to your presence until I took a closer look, I quickly cleaned up my celery sticks and cucumber wedges. (I see food that has fallen, all over the place, and has been irresponsibly left there to get mushed under people's feet, I'm not that type of person as to leave it) I sat down (in front of the entrance) to try to get at least 10 minutes of working on my Gerontology paper in. The traffic of people going and coming, in and out was a little distracting so I gathered my stuff together to re-locate to a table closer to you, or to the one you were sitting at so I could strike up a conversation. I was indecisive and ended up just going down stairs to wait in front of my tutorial class, instead.

You've been on my mind ever since that first day I saw you, sitting in the same row as me, in the very first Sociology lecture we had this year, so proud you were, to have gotten your textbooks already. Red backpack is how I always distinguish you.

You seem really sweet, and some days I have the confidence to go up to you and either ask you for the time, while we pass each other in the courtyard, off to the side of Mills Library. Or to tell you "Nice shades" as I ride off on my bike, toward David Baileys Athletic Centre. And other times I just feel like walking past you, with that burst of fresh air in being so close, or by chance to see you somewhere else, out of the blue, to brighten my day. Unfortunately I don't even know your name, which kinda complicates things.

You were sitting behind me in lecture today. We made eye contact, twice, could've been more if I kept on looking back! After class as I walked up the steps I saw that you were making a couple of girls laugh. Are you a stud??? Hahaha, I saw you once more as I was waiting to see if my friend would come out of the lecture hall. She didn't..... but it was worth it, seeing you again.

I am not a creep, or a stalker, I am an observer, and have been aware of your attractive nature!!!
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