My Refuge
Today was a day that will be a distant memory in a month, but I don't even want to remember not waking up this morning, to not go to the gym, I don't want to remember that I awoke to the sound of rain drops pelting the window, I don't want to remember that I was trying to be as productive as possible, and found looking up information, watching youtube videos to help me write my press release, was a little bit disturbing, and frustrating because I haven't even completed that, I don't want to remember how I went to walk my friend to class, and bought some food at the Student Centre, while passing an art exhibit that reminded me significantly of my sister (I didn't even end up going around to view the display of paintings that was up, to make myself happy, that I'd be doing something that she would enjoy), I don't want to remember that, that caused me to almost be late for my Anthro lecture, I don't want to remember how my friend and I had done something nice for our other friend for his birthday and he rejected our gesture of sincerity, I don't want to remember that my friend called me a bumble bee because of the clothes I was wearing, I don't want to remember that I was extremely uncomfortable today because of an irritated stomach, I don't want to remember that I almost started crying because of a message I got from my sister in my facebook inbox, I don't want to remember this day AT ALL, in fact I want it to be erased from my memory RIGHT NOW.

I don't even want to think about doing my Religious Studies Homework, to help me understand the very bases of Hinduism, I don't even want to think about how tonight is going to be another late night for me, that I have to wake up at 7AM in the morning and have a full day ahead of me. Thats life though, right????

And so I write, writing to me is therapy, and getting it all out is expressive and healthy, however boring this is to those of you reading it, I apologize. I always thought it was interesting to read about others short comings. to know that not everyone has such happy, always-go-my-way type of days, to know that people do experience similar "off" or bad days that may be equal to or worse than your own.

My refuge is not only writing, but also, amidst all the chaotic assignments and due dates, readings and note-taking, lectures and tutorials, knowing that I have at least one "break" away from it all, my blog, which is actually a requirement for my Communication Studies course, that I absolutely love!!! The very concept of studying something that is so natural, that is so obvious and yet something we are oblivious to at the same time is fascinating.

Now, I really have to start my Religion.
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  • A Little Bit About Me.

    I am a first time blogger. Never been introduced to blogs before, never really been interested, not until I was formally introduced in my Communication Studies class. I think they are incredible, totally fun, and an excellent way to express yourself!!! Being creative doesn't even begin to explain the individuality and uniqueness of one's personal blog.

    Feel free to browse around, have fun and leave your mark...... I know its not much to look at given that I am just learning the ropes and with no direction, so I might as well be blind folded; but, I hope you enjoy looking at it as I have had in creating it. =)
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