The Sudden Realization
Last night, I had my social work class, the nature of my lecture was different than any other ones I had previously... always interesting, I'll admit. This one in particular had a sympathetic approach and more of a sense of sadness in comparison to the rest. We had a guest speaker from Hamilton's Roundtable Poverty Reduction; Tom Cooper, as compelling as it is to learn about Social Welfare stories, I felt emotionless, or, I refused to feel emotion. Drowning off into oblivion, my own thoughts completely separated me from the lesson being taught and the mind set I was supposed to have or I felt I was supposed to have was not there.

It was a barrier to my understanding and my ability to listen intently, which I wasn't NOT doing, I was. In fact I was, perhaps feeling so much for the situations because it kinda hit close to home. It made me feel fearful of what my circumstance could be like in a couple years. The very possibility that anything can happen to anyone at any given time was beckoning the power of my thinking. That alone was a huge eye opener that made me feel like maybe Social Work is something that would not bode well for my person. I am, without a doubt, one of the most empathetic people, that have sincere emotional attachments to relationships, I become a nurturing and protective spirit when I get involved and as I would eventually learn to limit and reduce that I am afraid that this in my character will be deteriorated upon commencement of any social work related matters. It's a risk I am not willing to take, and therefore have forgone the idea of my presence in the Social Work field in society.

I will forever have respect for social workers as they, like the always busy Tim Horton's employees, work so hard at their jobs to shift the current inequalities among less fortunate people. I know it may be too early in the year to decipher if this is something I am so easily able to dismiss, or not; however, I am unable to explain my feelings in Lecture last night. I had an epiphany and it made my outlook so much brighter.

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