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NO, I actually didn't know half the information being dispelled across the screen in front of me.

Its all simply amazing though. How something so simple can be designed in such a manner that adds so much more creativity and profundity to the information and the presentation of the knowledge you obtain after viewing the video. Outstanding really, but not surprising in the least that the digital advertising age is growing rapidly and traditional advertising is in a down hill spiral, diminishing significantly. Its unfortunate though, I must say because the traditional ways of doing things brings a lot more meaning, value and importance to them. Take for instance letter writing, yes it does take a lot more time for your respective correspondent to receive the letter you wrote and to reply back and you risk the chance of the information in which you are sharing to be inaccurate upon arrival, due to the length of time it takes to get there; but, hand writing a piece of scripture has effectiveness to it that no digital media can compare to.

Contrastingly, if you were to write an e-mail, or facebook a message, the factor of time would have collapsed because the communication between you and your correspondent would be instantaneous, in that he/she would receive you message as soon as you send it out , making the content conducive to the time of transmission. That immediacy would have a profound impact on the level of information being conveyed. It may be construed as less sincere depending on the content of the message, but due to the convenience and inexpensiveness (its free!) of it, people due it more often. Anything we can get away with, we will, its human nature. Inevitably it has become a part of our culture, age of the new technologies and we've all become slaves to it.

Having televisions in the washroom is a concept I will never ever conform to, much less understand. Is it a way of doing two seemingly important tasks at once? I don't get it! I don't wont to be ready for the future if this is what it entails! Its scary to think that in all but 25 years what fits in our pockets now, will fit in one tiny blood cell, thats how advanced our society is becoming!!!

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