It has been a crazy day, to say the least. I woke up earlier, hoping to go to the gym, was almost not going to go when I finally managed to leave my room, to discover the gorgeousness of the day, and to go do a 20-30 minute yoga exercise workout at the gym. Made me feel a little better. After being outside, knowing that I couldn't stay cooped up indoors all day, I took a little trip, to Limeridge Mall on Upper Wentworth Street, to have a look at what was available at the Bay, I don't have any money right now to be buying any elaborate Christmas gifts, or to be spending my money excessively. I only have a $10 gift card, that I won from that "Mothers Against Drunk Driving Campaign" booth that was set up during frosh week. So I like to browse around, to see what appeals to me, and know that I have a limit. I'm a student I have to be very economical.

I left my bike on the bus...... I didn't realize until I was at Limeridge Mall, a half hour away from downtown, where I made the transfer of busses. Thinking to myself that "I would not have been able to bike all the way up here." Realizing that in that moment, that in the rapidness of my descent from the first 5E bus and getting lost in the crowd, I had forgotten my bike on the front, Yikes!

Its funny because my bike is such a huge part of my life, its my baby, so me, absentmindedly leaving my baby on the bus. Totally not a good thing and my goodness, how "not-with-it" do you have to be??? I was freaking out that I would not ever see it again, an approximately $200 bike and I, thinking and hoping, foolishly that me looking around the Bay would help. It did nothing for me, because I almost ended up fully breaking down in tears within a few minutes of me looking at the jewelry section. I couldn't take another thing going wrong, not in my emotional day.

I was going around, looking for something to commemorate the day, and all its glory, but even that was a lost cause because I couldn't find a piece that was in my price range..... and on top of that the sales clerk gave me a look of suspicion that made me not want to purchase anything. She was very rude, not like the good quality service I'm used to receiving in Toronto. Very disgruntling.

On my way back from the very disappointing 3-4hr trip I had taken for the day, I called the HSR, to see if there was a place to pick up lost items, and it appeared that my luck was turning around, I spoke with the sweetest bus driver who suggested for me to call the garage (where all the busses would later be going to park for the night)at around 6:30 -7:00 pm to find out if there was a bike that was turned in. And if there was I would most likely have to pick it up tomorrow, given that the hours for pickup of lost items, ends at around 5 ish.

Well when I finally got back to the university I waited for another 5E bus, to see if their was a slight chance that 1). the next bus coming would be the exact one that had my bike, and 2). that my bike would still be there. Since I didn't have immediate luck on that end, I then proceeded to pick up food at "Need a Pita" in the Mary Keye's Residence building, got served by a cute guy, he was stingy on the $5.80 pita, but I could tell that he was new so I let it slide, that, and he was super nice to look at. =) Reasoning enough to make me believe things were looking up.

Brought the food back to my residence, to discover a message left on my machine 8) "Yes" I said to myself, as I was expecting one. And alas I got a message from the HSR dispatcher, telling me to call him back. I did, promptly. When I got a hold of him, he told me to go out and wait for the 6:15pm bus at Emerson and Main, the number was 806, and that one would have my bike on it, which meant a huge weight off my shoulders, saving me the trip tomorrow all the way out to their Upper James garage. So I left my residence in a hurry as I had to go all the way to the front of campus, in under 10 minutes, it was 5:55pm at this time. Its not a long walk to get there, but I wanted to ensure that I would be there in time. So I ran, stopping to catch my breath. Sitting on a bench on the opposite side of the street that the bus, that would have my bike would be on, prompted me to do even more running. As I stood to see if the next bus that was coming, had a bike at the front I new I had to race across the street to finally 5 hours later, be re-united with my bike. Phew

As I rode away, I told my bike (yeah I talk to it, when you become attached to something as precious as my bike, I can't help but NOT talk to it), I would never do that again, I would make a mental note in my head each time that I placed my bike at the front of any bus, to remember to get it before I step 10 feet away, or I would park and lock it up prior to getting on the bus, so that my mind would be free from it. Or I could just ask the bus driver to remind me to get my bike before leaving.

I am soooooo relieved and beyond happy that everything with that, is back to normal!!!!

Getting my workout for the day, it was all good!!! It really was all good, because later on I checked my University email and I got one telling me that my access card into the building had been found and handed back in to the Student Service Desk in Commons, I thought I had lost it and now I don't have to put out $50 to buy a new one! =) Yay. With my constant torment on that I have learned my lesson to ALWAYS, always keep it in my wallet, at least till the end of the year.
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