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I went to the website and re-directed to No. 26040, the tronic page of "I AM", that showed the collapse of various animals (Elephant-> Horse -> Bear-> Bird, the video above) made out of wooden building blocks. I was amazed at how effective the use of symbols here, was. According to the descriptive caption below the picture on the NOTCOT. org page it says that there is a loss of nature in our increasingly man-made landscape. Where animals, in their full entire physical form, are a distant memory, and are now reconstructed by other means, virtually, as opposed to the real world, in its actual form.

Professor Sévigny talked about how language is symbolic (Sévigny), and with this video it holds true. Symbols are determined by people, and the collective meanings that have been invincibly agreed upon by members of society. In this video for example, my views and interpretations are obviously going to be different than someone else's because of the value of things I have been brought up with, my background of experiences that has shaped my understandings in addition to cultural meanings

That is without a doubt true. There are so many things now, that are advertised using advanced technology, giving impressions to the viewers that suggest the prevalent importance of emerging new and improved forms of communicating. As far superior than the old, peripheral ones. The elephant is the first animal, the clip says "a lonely elephant, a purposelessness surrounds me" To me this means that the elephant is viewed as an ancient animal, representing the old, uninteresting ways of expressing ideas, through their real forms instead of their created and recently composed ones. The elephant transforming into the horse; "A kind of cordial contempt I have", indicates that its moving forward from the old "mundane" ways of illustrating your thoughts, a "friendly disdain" neither good for leaving the previous ways behind, nor bad for moving ahead to better more comprehensive ways, a comfortable medium, if you will.

The Bear; "I feel nothing of the sort (cordial contempt) There is an uneasiness of power", not sure to continue along the path of development, enhancing the ways to the future, or to stay in history and let that bind you. Making decisions, "the power" can be hard to conceive especially where one might feel comfortable in the past and moving on could be completely new, it might not be the best solution to stay in one's comfort zone. It would be better to broaden your horizons and widen your methods of doing such things, in order to have a variety of ways known, to choose the best one suitable for that particular project. In the case of advertising and marketing, creating exciting and refreshing ways to present ideas, new products, a company, etc. are great ways in capturing the audiences' attraction, interest, and attention and drawing them into, to want to remember your commercial. An enticing piece to convince them to buy your products or the products that are being displayed in front of them. The final animal transformed by the bear is the eagle, and the clip shows it flying away while the man says saying, "I see happiness in the distance, good-bye, good-bye", my translation that the bird symbolizes excellence, and striving toward that, flying to it, the eagle which represents constant development knows that the level of capabilities can always be greater, higher, further. Hence it being an animal of flight. Able to fly to the destination of choice.

With consideration to mediums...... the way you present your ideas can make or break the audiences' captivation, and ability to retain what was just conveyed to them. As discussed in lecture five the four laws of the Medium would correspond as follows with specific emphasis on the advancement of technology in television advertising. Detailed and more intricate ways of creating a depiction of reality, as it appears through the eyes of most able bodied individuals within society, may intensify the concept of the advertisement, in the minds of those particular individuals. Exploring the virtual/actual divide as tronic studios has done, is the way that they've achieved a universal appeal that can be easily understood by adults and children alike. Tronic studios have taken aspects of both worlds; the organic (natural) and the rectilineal (artificial) to hybridized the two styles to fuse the third. A combination of both aspects of life are still predominant, otherwise the third (tronic) would cease to exist. The reversal potential of the new form of actively conveying a message is that some people could criticize it, not understand it, compromise the purpose of using extensive technology to make people understand the message, to want to make them buy into it. Tronic Studios have made commercials impressionable which has inadvertently made an impact on the viewers. (Sévigny)

Here is the much lengthier video of the owners and partners of Tronic Studios opening as speakers at F5, talking about their projects its concepts and explaining them thoroughly.

Tronic at F5 from TronicStudio on Vimeo.

Sévigny, A., Lecture 4 – “The Medium is the Message - Marshall McLuhan”, Friday, September 25, and Lecture 5 - "The Nature of Language", Wednesday October 14

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