Today was an OKAY day!
Alright, alright so here's the deal....... within the past couple of weeks I have learned and realized a lot- and I mean A LOT with being in University, most of which I will disclose at a later date, due to biased parties involved, or that will be included in my further writings.

Today I had to re-write my Hinduism Quiz, because I was not given ample time on ELM, that my professor had properly allocated toward it, which was beyond bizarre. It was funny, I am so used to the high school way of writing quizzes that I did not think to open my books and look at my notes, which my professor said she would not object to......... I learned that with only five minutes remaining, after a second student had come in to write her's as well. Dr. Pearson even handed me her text book, which had the secret notes of a professor written in it!!!

Once completed, I then headed off campus, to booster juice to find out that they do not accept the McMaster meal plan card, fabulous, a healthy place to get nutritious and delicious fruit energizing smoothies and I don't have access to it because I don't even have excess money to spend. And McMaster University which is in such close proximity, does not even have any connection whatsoever to it. Wonderful.

Thinking that this might occur, I went to Boston Pizza to get an extremely satisfying chicken salad for lunch.

Taking my time, faithfully reading my RISK novel, and knowing I had to, at least leave at 12:45 to make it to my volunteer for 1:15, I absentmindedly left later than I anticipated. The thing was, I was so full from that salad, that all I wanted to do was just sit there, and read for an hour, and not go to volunteer, to let my food absorb into my system. I knew I had to leave and I knew I was going to be late, regardless of what time I left, although timing would determine HOW late I would be. And so I carried on my way quickly, racing, to beat the clock, little did I know there were other plans, written in the stars for me....... I had a flat tire on my bike, and couldn't go as fast as I wanted to. (As I was taking the bike trail, going down the hill, onto the bridge and back up I had to descend as it was far to much torture for my bike) I had to go to the washroom and could not hold it, so I had to make a pit-stop at Metro to use there facilities. I also had to check something out at LCBO, and after those short short errands I continued, on foot, leaving my bike locked up at Metro. Wentworth Lodge Senior Community centre was only a five minute walk from University Plaza, so I wasn't going to be too late.

I arrived at 1:30, only to go upstairs to the recreational hall, to find no-one there. Starting to walk away Denise says hello to me, from behind me, she is the volunteer supervisor there, and I thought my luck was changing........ nope, because after my 2. 1/2 hour volunteer session I had a headache that was getting worse by the minute.

I couldn't leave without saying "hi" to my friend Olga, so I chatted with her for a bit, met one of her good friends and former neighbors; Marria and her husband Henry (the ninth). I had to get pick up my bike and get back to school and get some food. I knew I wasn't going to make my next lecture, as a matter of fact I purposefully missed it because I knew I would fall asleep in it. And I could be doing way more productive stuff rather than that, so I stayed and read, before heading back to rez, to check my email, and relax before my last class of the day- Social Work.

I also failed to mention that at Wentworth Lodge I met a young teenager who is now doing the Katimavik program, the same one I did a couple of years back.... Not very much to say, or not very elaborate in saying what she did, she was extremely limited, she was very reserved. I didn't like that, I'm an outgoing person and she was giving me nothing to really work with. What a fool.

As of today (Friday) my new life starts!

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