Risky, ain't it!

This week, started out like a typical week of a University student, waking up late to miss my first tutorial, unintentionally at 10:30AM. Great, just lovely!!!

I've been going to bed "late" or what would have been considered late to me a year ago, but now seems like a pretty normal time. I was reading one of my leisurely books, called RISK, its so good, one of the best things about it is that its such an easy read, you can leave it, and come back to it whenever you want, without having to re-read anything to understand where you are.

I have been reading it since April, and although I would have been done reading it already had I'd been consistent with it..... I am taking full advantage of the fact that its less demanding on the brain, that and, its a great escape from the school reading material, that I (terribly enough) never put in the effort to read!!! Ooops, my mistake, I'll probably be regretting it when I fail to take the proper amount of notes for my exams and I have to frantically cram my understanding of all course material!! But right now, its worth it!!!!

Today I did not have class until 5:30 since I missed my tutorial, and I wanted to go out and read (some of my textbooks) but instead of that I made a new friend while taking photos of the beautiful colours that this season brings, and only managed to read a little bit of Buddhism, before getting hungry and heading off to Bridges to grab a veggie burger, and go back to my residence to try and do my Hinduism quiz.

To make matters a little bit more unjustly (with the way I had started my day)
I fell asleep in my Anthropology lecture, always, always seems to be the trend, nowadays with me. I know that it may be a sign that I need to give myself adequate sleep, and make time to have a nap during the day, and I probably don't take the class as seriously as I should, but its just so chill, and I mean this in the nicest way possibly, but my prof. has such a soothing voice that just puts you to sleep, that and no offense, but learning about the world's cultures not exactly the most interesting of topics, to me anyway, I know that some people obviously find it fascinating, and I give them amends for it!

I am finding that religion is going pretty well though, I'm understanding it more so then what I was at the beginning of the term (& school year) so thats a definitely good thing, I find that I put in effort too, I can't afford to do poorly in anymore, if any of my courses!!! Learning about others' belief system is so cool ! =)

I better get back to composing the thoughts for my buddhism essay due in a couple of weeks, and I'll be setting the alarm to ensure that today's episode of being late for tutorial does not repeat itself, and does not become a daily occurrence!
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