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This week was the most hectic week I've had since I've been here at school. This past weekend I had my mom come and visit me, bring me some groceries and talk. I had a Hinduism paper to write for my Monday Religion class, and we were talking about that a great deal. I had already written the majority of my paper, or my initial thoughts prior to her arrival, and so when we discussed the gods and goddesses of Hindu culture, I had no idea that it would throw me off and make me feel as though all what I had written was null and void and inadequate in some sort of way. Despite the fact that I had stayed up until 4AM in the morning on Friday to get it all down, only to have to stay up till 4AM again on Saturday to re-compose my thoughts and combine them into something that would be worthwhile to read and that sounded like I had some knowledge on Hindu Religion. It was tough stuff, especially since the Thanksgiving weekend prior I hardly did any reading and was reading the bulk of my books during the time of my writing.

Then to make me work even more... I also had an Anthro paper due on Monday, this one was my mid-term assignment, that seemed pretty simplistic but then again I don't know quite what was expected of us, so I am just hoping that I did well. SUNday I thought it was going to be a laid back day, just work on my Anthro... I had planned to work on my Tuesday Sociology Proposal on Monday, so I though I'd be good. I had managed to organize and gauge my time accordingly. Little did I know I had another thing coming...... because when I went back to re-read my Hinduism paper to make sure everything was ok, and well worded, flowing, everything you want in a paper, opening the one I had deemed insufficient in addition to my newest version, I accidentally deleted my Anthropology Critic (which I foolishly did not save) This can't be happening I thought, it just can't be, It has to be here somewhere....... I was swearing all over the place at this point, realizing that it wasn't going to show up out of nowhere. Desperate I ran up stairs to find my room-mate in her boyfriend's room to ask her if there was any possibility to recover anything on Pages (Mac's word processing program)

NO, zilch, nada, nothing, although her boyfriend told me to just open pages and try to start a new document, maybe something would show up enabling me to recover the lost document, you know like Word? But I didn't even save it, so there was no chance of that, which meant all day Monday would have to be dedicated to me working frantically to remember and rewrite everything I had lost. This also meant that I could not spend the time I had allocated for my Sociology, on my Sociology, I had to use it to do my Anthro mid term. Joyous occasion.

Needless to say I finished it in time, about an hour before my lecture. But I can't confidently say it didn't set me back, because it did........ See tuesday I had my Soc. due and I didn't get to it at all, I tried on Monday night, after my Religion course ending at 9pm, but I was unable to stay up past 2AM reading those peer-reviewed journal articles because my eyes just started closing. And I knew from that instant it was time to go to sleep. I actually transfered to my bed, which kinda set me up to fall asleep, but who can blame me? I had stayed up till 4, two "nights" in a row and couldn't do a third. My body needs rest.........I could not function properly without it.

Tuesday night I even tried staying up to find articles to write my proposal for Wednesday, as I had spoken to my TA, and told her I would try to get it done then, but I could not decide for the life of me, what to write about everything I decided to do, didn't have enough articles on it, and so I was stuck, I ended up staying up till 3, talking to my friend who helped me decide on a topic that I then changed my mind from.

Wednesday I had to start and finish studying for my Gerontology exam, which was on Thursday. Totally last minute but not too bad, nothing too extensive. Just reading the summaries of the chapters, and making notes. Thursday was a day that I also had my late Social work class. Had to come back to rez and work on my assignment for that class, due Today at 9AM. I even left my lecture early, nothing I like to broadcast to the entire internet worlds but it is pod-casted, and I knew that I had a lot of work to do, so I worked on it diligently till 5 in the morning, went to sleep at 6, got up at 10, and was working on my Sociology proposal which I finally had time to do. I got it done by around 4PM today, sent it to the instructional assistant, who is responsible for late papers and am DONE, for the week.

Except at the same time not, because I have some other less pressing things to do, which I'll probably end up doing tomorrow and Sunday.

It's Homecoming. I might go, I'm not too sure!!!! A whole lot of drinking, something I've left in my past...... for the time being!!!!! It's a skeleton in my closet that might be coming out sooner than later!!!
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