Why Now- My day in an invisible nutshell.
Today was one of the worst days since, I've been here at McMaster. I woke up with a headache, and had to forgo my plans to go to the gym yet again this morning. I was really looking forward to it! I haven't been to the gym in a while, due to my fluctuating sleeping schedule, and my work load. Sleep to me takes priority over exercise, how can one fully function properly without a good night sleep? How can you get up and have a substantial work out, if you're tired? Doesn't make sense.

Its a good thing I have my bike to keep me active, because otherwise, I think I might just lose it... Gym work outs are a source of calm, and a way of bringing me back to reality, balancing my stress and my down time. I need it, especially now, given all the assignment and papers I have due next week, and with the on-set of midterm and exam time coming shortly. Its something that needn't not be dismissed.

Ever since I got back from Toronto (for Thanksgiving long weekend), I've been developing symptoms for a cold. I know, I know pretty horrible, I'll say, considering I've been blessed to not have gotten sick since my arrival at school. It is without a doubt the season for colds, the flu the recent over publicized pandemic of H1N1, and GERMS. My immune system has been weakened with the constant exposure to more than 1000 people within a day. In addition to that I have my wisdom teeth coming in, causing a lot of discomfort and possible development for bacteria to prosper. Maybe that is what caused my all-day headache/ migraine today. Either way I am convinced that my immune system needs a boosting.

Other things that went wrong today, weren't in the thousands, but simply the fact that I was paralyzed due to my intensified migraine; my head was throbbing so bad that it was painful for me to walk. I awoke from my nap that I decided to take to get rid of my headache, to find that I was extremely hungry, disoriented I left to go to the kitchen to prepare some food, absentmindedly forgetting my keys in my room, locking myself out for the second time.

My roommate's class didn't finish till 3:30, I didn't find her until 4 and this was around 1:45 that a had realized I placed myself in quite the predicament. So I was waiting a good couple of hours before finding her on her laptop in her friend's room upstairs. Fortunately for me she was planning on coming down, and hadn't left for her last class of the day yet. I didn't go to the commons and get my lock out key, to have to pay a mere $3 because I'm a stubborn person, and I'm short on cash, a lot, a lot, a lot. That and when I locked myself out, I had no sweater on, no shoes or anything like what I would need to go out into the wilderness of the outdoors to face my cold, with the cold. Not a good combination at all and I wasn't willing to risk it.

Upon returning to the warmth of my room, I quickly messaged my friend to apologize for not meeting her 2 1/2 hrs prior, which I was unable to do because of the perils of my body. We had postponed for later on, and went to the library to take out books for our Religion papers dues next week, at around 6:30, we also made dinner plans at East Side Mario's. Needless to say that didn't happen, because it took forever for us to find useful material.

Heading back to residence at 7:30, I feel something wet rubbing against my leg, and what do I open my bag to discover....... that I did not seal my Klean Kanteen lid tightly enough, and that it was trickling water. Oh yeah. How Fabulous that is to top off my day!
I immediately removed my books and carried them the rest of the way to the commons, where, I wouldn't pick up dinner because of such a limited selection for people who eat the way that I do.

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