My First Day
I just finished my first volunteering day at Wentworth Lodge Community Service Centre for Seniors, and I gotta say, not at all bad. I didn't think it was going to be bad but I didn't know what to expect either. See I have never ever worked in an Old Folks home in my life, I've only worked a short period of time indirectly with seniors when I was in Saskatchewan on Katimavik, and that was simply working around them, making cards, so I really doubt that even qualifies. This is completely new to me and I really like the atmosphere at Wentworth Lodge. It's so homey and welcoming. The interactions I am having with the seniors. Nothing but positiveness, thus far.

Today, as I can say for the following 5 week period on Thursdays from 1:15 -3:15 pm, I will be in the pamper yourself session between Liliac Lane, and Beach Avenue (who came up with these names???? They are amazing and so creative) Really makes you feel you're living in a part of paradise. The pamper yourself slot of the week is a time when volunteers offer to paint the nails of some of the female seniors. Its a low-key activity that enables for conversation between you and you senior counterpart.

I ended up having a nice conversation with the first lady that had me paint her nails...... She was extremely pleasant and our talk was very comfortable. The second elderly woman whom had her nails done, was another sweetie. She was polite, observant and picky as to what coloured she wanted, but tolerable. I for one understand what its like to be selective. People like they're coffee a certain way, they like to choose what they wear and if it suits them, the same goes for nail polish. Plus I am highly choosy when it comes to the food I eat and in what combinations. I can relate to having things done a particular way.

I grew up not knowing either pairs of my grandparents, so I'm kinda lacking in that department. I don't have any relationship to compare my interactions with these seniors to. Despite the fact that its my first official day at Wentworth, I can't help but feel I have this profound connection with this elderly female that reminds me a lot of my dad's lifelong family friend- Lili. I feel as though I can talk to her about any and every thing, our conversation just comes so naturally. Although I haven't been going there for a long time, I've already started building a solid friendship with her. I can say that she feels like a grandmother to me, maybe thats a little creepy and too fast for me to be thinking of her in that way, but honestly I haven't had that opportunity before and I am privileged to be volunteering at such a place.

I'm looking forward to seeing her next Thursday as well. I already have so many things to collect and put together to bring from home to show and share with her. She is such a sweetheart. I first met her on Monday, which after persistent one-way communication, was my orientation day. They were knitting in one of the recreational rooms upstairs on Beach avenue, I don't know how to knit, but beleive it or not, I know how to crochet quiet well. It wasn't as excessive an interaction as my one today was. She has multiple-sclerosis and that is no, whatsoever an impediment to her up beat personality.
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